We have all had one of those moments. Moments when we experience, if only for a second, something truly inspirational; when we want to break free, when we want to be a musician, a photographer, a dancer, a farmer, a world traveller. Some of us in those moments of inspiration shout about our dreams to the world, some whisper longingly to their friends, and some just daydream about it. Then reality intrudes, we start being “practical”, think of all the reasons why we can’t follow the dreams, people call us mad; and we push those dreams to some unknown tomorrow. But what if we actually played on these inspirations? Would we embark on the truly great experience it is to follow our dreams?
aMadNomad was born in one of those moments. We wanted to travel for a living. We wanted to be nomads and people called us mad, hence we became aMadNomad. And in the course of our travels we realised there is aMadNomad in all of us. Helping other individuals get in touch with their inner nomadic self became our mission. We fueled our drive from people who got inspired and energized to break out of their comfort zone and actively explored their aspirations.

This is your life. Live it your way.


Our team is at the heart of aMadNomad. They have all travelled extensively and documented it perfectly so you can enjoy your adventures.

Ashish Dutt


A true nomad at heart, Ashish left his job to capture this exquisite country on lens. His experiences on the road led him to start aMadNomad where he works to make adventure acccessible to all. Ashish loves riding to remote places and camping under the stars.

Ishan Byotra


A free spirited nomad who loves the outdoors. After years of following his passion for travelling and trekking, combined with his professional experience of working in the travel sector, his knowledge of the off-beat & remote destinations of India is extensive.

Sujay Sundar


An avid traveler who believes that one’s life is best measured in terms of kms traveled and new faces met. Sujay’s interests lie in travel, motorcycles and technology. His commitment and perseverance gives the team a Can Do attitude that keeps aMadNomad sailing


Our mission is to get more people in touch with their inner nomadic self and
to inspire our generation to be more passionate about exploring.

We are too used to spending time indoors which severs our connection to nature and the awesome wild world out there. Spending time outdoors is a proven way of getting healthy and connecting at a deeper level to our world. And we’re firm believers that life is all about enjoying new experiences, going to new places and meeting new people.

Getting more people outside really starts with access & information about the amazing opportunities and adventures hidden all around us. We don’t think finding an adventure to satisfy our souls should be such a time-consuming and difficult process in a country as wild as ours. We also believe that a trip is truly amazing when you spend it outdoors in close proximity to nature and not cooped up inside a hotel. Finding somewhere to camp is such a time-consuming, convoluted and confusing process in India that most people never even try camping, which is why we started aMadNomad. We are committed to making getting outside fun, easy, and as simple as selecting what, when and where you want your adventure to be. Whatever your interest, ability or budget, we’re here to help you create unforgettable ‘wow’ moments. Need to go on a trek with your friends and stay at a campsite adjoining a jungle next weekend? We got your back, bro!